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Personal Monopoly Accelerator

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Write of Passage has ended, and you want to:

  • Keep the vibe alive.
  • Avoid falling off the wagon.
  • Accelerate toward your Personal Monopoly.

If this resonates, keep reading.

What You’ll Get

In these sessions, you will build from templates, prompts, and conversations.

  • Personal asset canvas to increase your awareness of what's available to you right now.
  • Finding conversations. How to identify people you can help, where to find them, and how to reach them.
  • Writing topics generator to reduce time wondering what you should write about.
  • Personal positioning and messaging to guide how you edit and evolve your Start Here and Twitter Bio.
  • Peer feedback on your digital assets and your emerging personal monopoly.
  • Personal Monopoly Strategy Canvas you will continue to iterate on your own beyond these sessions.

Why You Need It

The path to uncovering one's personal monopoly is to write prolifically from abundance, from conversation, and in public.

But most new writers will struggle with at least one dimension of that statement. You have too many or too few topics to write about. You write, but you can't find the target audience. Or you don't publish because you lost motivation.

Join this 5-week accelerator to overcome the obstacles that will arise and maintain your writing momentum. In parallel, you'll develop hypotheses to explore and have the tools to create news ones as you converge on your personal niche.


  • Eligible: Write of Passage Alumni
  • Cohort: April 21 - May 19, 2022 (Thursday at 9 am Pacific Time)
  • Sessions: 1x 90-minute live Zoom session per week for 5 weeks.
  • Cohort size: 10-20 people
  • Coordination: We'll use a private space in Geneva.
  • Mentor, Sherpa, Instructor: Me, Michael Sklar

The first 60 minutes of each session will cover the core topics. The last 30 minutes will be additional group discussion and troubleshooting.

Write of Passage taught you how to write online. Now it's time to integrate what you learned and apply it to your best opportunities.

These are all topics I’ve navigated in the past 6 months of writing online and the past 20 years of strategic marketing, and can now help you apply to yourself.

Praise for Michael

“Michael is one of the sharpest strategic thinkers I’ve met. He has a gift for unlocking an individual’s point of view, and guiding you on where your time and effort is best spent.”

Terri Lonier, Founder, Authority By Design

"If you are looking to finally answer the question what your unique voice is, look no further. Michael is an absolute master at asking questions that drill deep into your purpose for writing. He has transformed how I approach writing online and through that how I understand myself on a deeper level."

Tobi Emonts-Holley @PeakTobi

"Michael has the ability to identify your key personal assets. Before I met him, I had no idea if I had anything unique to offer. I was working a standard office job and I had a regular skillset (or so I thought). Through a combination of asking the right questions and hands-on exercises, he has guided me towards unearthing not one, but several niches. He has helped me see through my blind spots and matched my skills with real-world use cases. Extra: He has a unique ability to help people productize their skillset due to his startup background. You can expect a very practical approach with experimentation and fast iterations."

John Nicholas @john_nic

"Michael can see through people (in a good way!). He can pinpoint what makes you shine, understand why you struggle, and proactively share concrete ways forward. Working with Michael made me realize creating a personal monopoly doesn’t happen in a vacuum. A personal monopoly isn’t a marketing ploy. It’s an online identity that interacts with ourselves and our audience. Michael balances the practical with the deeper why’s so we can play the long game and enjoy creation! If you need a deep thinker who can prompt you with all the right questions about who you want to be on the internet, and give you the tools to do it, work with Michael."

Vicky Zhao @beeamp_vicky

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Personal Monopoly Accelerator

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